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What is Shore Jigging?

Hi, Anglers

Do you know SHORE JIGGING? 

This is the new method which we want to introduce.

When you want to fish a halibut (fluke) and yellowtails, which kind of lures do you use?  We think you use mainly minnow (hard plastic baits).  Yes, it’s correct!  But we want to introduce new method “SHORE JIGGING”.  We use Metal jig.  It’s very easy to do.  Cast a jig, fall to bottom and jerk.  Very simple action.  Sometime surface also good.


What is the effectivity of shore jigging?

It’s overwhelming casting distance.  If you want to capture broad area like beach, we want to cast far.  If you can cast far, you can spread the oppotunity to catch fishes!  And of course JIG fall when you stop retrieving.  The falling action imitate a dying fish.

What is the action of Jig?

We have some models and weight of jig.

JIGPARA (JPS) is normal action jig.  The fall action is like a falling leaf.  This is basic model.  All fishes like this action.  We want to have one in the tackle case.


JIGPARA SEMI LONG (JPSL) is long type jig.  The fall action is Slash action.  The fall speed is higher than normal JPS.  Especially it’s good action for Yellowtails.


JIGPARA SLOW (JPSLOW) is slow falling jig.  The specially designed oval-shaped body lets it slash in high pitch and fall slowly like a leaf.


JIGPARA BLADE (JPB) is metal lipless crankbait.  Just retrieve.  The action strongly attracts fish and trigger their predator nature!


JIGPARA SPIN (JPSPIN) is spintail jig.  Just retrieve.  Small but high-density body stabilizes the attitude in air and that contributes your long casting.


JIGPARA TG (JPTG) is tungsten jig.  Slightly rear-weight tuned body stay horizontal when casted in order to fly remarkable longer while the natural swimming action is sustained.



And we have micro jigs also.  If you want to fish a rock fish in harbor, it’s effective.  And we will update our shore jigging rods soon!!

Thank you!