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New Products!

Hi, Anglers!

We released new products.

*MS-1 rods

We released higher quality rod than NANOACE by good price.

There is MS-X our higest series.  Very good JDM rod.  But the price is high.  We wanted to release affordable price & same quality.  We used same concept blank, modify the spec for US anglers and removed ornament parts as much as possible.  Then finally we completed MS-1.  It’s lighter & momre sensitive than our other series.  If you try it, you will feel the difference.


*Jigpara TG (Tungsten) additional weight

We released 40, 50 & 60g.  We can approach broad area by them!  And of course we can use them for offshore fishing!  The higher gravity & small body help you cast far and drop fast!

*Jigpara Spin Micro

We released 3, 5 & 7g.  You can use them for light game in Saltwater and Freshwater also.


Enjoy Fishing!

Major Craft America corp.