Major Craft America Corporation, hereinafter called Major Craft, warrants to the original retail purchaser that the Major Craft rod is free from non-conformities in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the original purchase date.  During this period Major Craft will, at its option, repair or replace a non-conforming rod with a like or similar rod at no charge to the original retail purchaser except for the cost of packing, insuring and shipping the rod to Major Craft.

*After running beyond the term of 1 year warranty (Unlimited Warranty), you can buy same product by following conditions.

2nd & 3rd year – Limited Warranty: Original owner pays 50% of the MSRP pricing and shipping charge.

4th and 5th year – Limited Warranty: Original owner pays 60% of the MSRP pricing and shipping charge.

*It will be owner’s option whether to replace their product with same valued different product or have them refunded if the product is discontinued when warranty is claimed.

1st year: Full amount of purchase (without tax)

2nd & 3rd year: 50% of purchase (without tax)

4th & 5th year: 40% of purchase (without tax)

Purchase must be proved by the receipt issued by retailers.

In that case, please send a mail to info@majorcraft-america.com before returning a broken rod.


In all cases, this warranty is limited in value to the original retail value of the Major Craft rod originally purchased and is solely limited to actual damage to the Major Craft rod originally purchased.  And we can’t warrant the rod Major Craft America don’t carry (you can see all lineup of Major Craft America in our website) This warranty does not cover rod damage or loss resulting from misuse, abuse, intentional breakage, neglect, accident, fire, Act of God, theft, failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance, normal wear and tear, alteration, direct, indirect or consequential damages caused by attempted or completed repairs performed by anyone other than Major Craft or its authorized service agent or shipping damages.  This warranty does not extend to products which are used for commercial purposes.

To make the above warranty effective, please register your new Major Craft rod within 30 days of purchase.



Rods bought through a third party (parallel importers, unauthorized dealers, unauthorized online store, etc.) are voided of warranty.  Any inquiry related should be forwarded to Major Craft America customer service.

All products (rod only) are subject to only one time warranty.