We’ve Finally Come
Ashore In The U.S.

Major Craft, the leading rod and lure manufacturer
in Japan, is now available in America.


Quality. Innovation. Affordability.

We make rods and lures for anglers who refuse to settle. It’s bad news for fish, good news for you.

Our Newest Products


The specially designed oval-shaped body lets it slash in high pitch and fall slowly like a leaf. And the center is balanced at a little toward the rear so it stays in the right stance to be casted long. 2 assist hooks on the front and 1 single assist hook are assembled to be ready to use.

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ZONER HUNTER series The basical shape & action is same as Zoner 55mm (ZC55). But we equiped oval shape split ring at front eye. It helps you easily knot the line. And we adopted vintage colors. Don Iovino endorsed the action & colors!

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The model provided for Vertical Jigging, "JIGPARA VERTICAL" Debut! The price is affordable and the spec is authentic. The coating is 6-layers. You can drop it on a rugged rock bottom. The action is long type: Wide slide action at jerking and irregular falling including sliding back and slow…

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* 3g & 5g: without front hook Shore casting Jig "JIGPARA MICRO" debut! Jigpara Micro for super light shore casting game. Tough body by 5-layered coating.  Set a hook by sharp Japanese original hooks.  0.11oz (3g) & 0.18oz (5g) have only rear treble hook.  0.25oz (7g) & 0.35oz (10g) have…

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